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Joseph Muriithi Nov 24, 2016 13:11 0 comment(s)

Welcome to Cytonn. A hot bed of smart kids. If you thought your national high school had the smartest kids in the block, think again.

This is the place where brains meet brains. Your first day at work starts with almost a whole day of orientation (though we call it induction here).  This is where the HR, who looks as young as you or younger takes you through the dos and don’ts at Cytonn. Not forgetting the introduction every department has to do in neatly arranged slides. Slides with colours you will only see at Cytonn.

Maybe we should go back to the interview period. Wait, I forgot the almost 3-hours aptitude test. This test has Maths, English and something else. Most of it say 90%, is something else. Something else is the kind of question that require paragraph like answers but again, uses Mandarin and not English. The arithmetic then complements the language in a way only econometricians will understand.

Then comes the interviews. I happened to do mine at their Chancery office and wait, I worked so hard in the interview just so I get a chance to come back to this office (Hope my boss doesn’t get to read this). The office is to die for. Most part of its wall has a certain green you can eat. Then the waiting bay for interviewees happens to be the bar where drinks will keep calling ‘come bby come’

Something amazing about this whole process is that the response is so fast, way too fast. By the time you beat the Nairobi jam to your home, you will have received feedback from HR already. I don’t know how this is done yet. Maybe I will ask Peter the HR guy as soon as I am confirmed as an employee.

Back to our day one in the board room. The HR is done, we sign our contracts and bam! The supervisor is all yours. This is the person who will approve your everything from leave to your stay at Cytonn. For some reason I am yet to know, they love people who work hard and deliver.

If you are lucky, you get to go home at around 6pm on day 1. Yes, remember the day you were asked in the interview whether you can work long hours and you said yes? In fact, you didn’t just say but shouted? Well, it is actionable in this company. This could just be the earliest you will ever go home. Here, COB doesn’t come at 5:00 p.m.

Then you will have evaluations each week. This is where one presents assignment on a topic taught during the week in beautifully formatted slides. The people attending your evaluation can be as many as Cytonn’s entire staff but can never be one, two or three persons. These people then award you marks basing on your presentation and will never tell you your scores no matter what.

In this office the CEO is your age, your supervisor and their boss are your age too. You get here and wonder what you have been doing all your life. This is the place 25 year olds come up with ideas and close business in a way 50 year olds can’t. All thanks to the Cytonn Young Leaders Programme (CYLP) that molds all rounded individuals before they even grow up. A programme where being taught hands-on simply means; ‘figure it out on your own’.

Here you go smart or go home. A smart that is sharp. Here, you either love your job or quit on day 2. At Cytonn, smart minds meet an environment that will either crush you or mold you. It’s your pick. But once you get here (I mean my week 5 at Cytonn) your paradigm shifts and you will always want to be around a team of great individuals. At Cytonn, a green culture is instilled in you.

Article By:   Yvonne M. Kilonzo
                   PR & Communication Intern

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