Cytonn Young Leaders Programme

About CYLP

For Cytonn, recruitment is a rigorous, decisive and competitive process because our future success depends on recruiting and training the most capable graduates.

In order to deliver the best investment returns and services to our clients, we have to have the best asset, which is people. Consequently, we spare no resource in seeking to recruit the most talented people.

CYLP is an intensive and competitive 12-week training programme that exposes fresh university talent to the office environment and culture. We expose program participants to challenging and fulfilling career options, with an emphasis on leadership and problem solving.

The programme commenced in January 2015, with an inaugural class of 6 investment interns. To date, we have run 30 internship programmes that had over 180 young leaders participating and Cytonn has offered jobs to 61 of them.

We have tracked the progress of every individual that has gone through this programme and most of them have a head start as they begin fulfilling careers.

Cytonn Young Leaders Program Brochure

Structure of CYLP

CYLP offers internship opportunities in various areas of the business, including;

  • Business Administration
  • Business Development
  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Clerk of Works
  • Client Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Fund Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Investments
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Project Finance
  • Project Procurement
  • Real Estate Project Management
  • Real Estate Research
  • Sales and Distribution

At CYLP we look for:

  1. Smart entrepreneurial people with diverse backgrounds, who believe in team work and collaboration to solve the most complex investment challenges in the region;
  2. People who have an itch to make an impact and do something that makes a difference to our clients, investors and the businesses we fund;
  3. People who are intensely engaged and want to create or get involved in a culture of excellence; excellence for excellence sake is a key ingredient to exceeding our client expectations;
  4. Edge; every individual should bring something different that contributes to a strong and diverse team to serve clients in a way that competitors can’t;
  5. Integrity; people with strong moral principles and ethics.

Objectives of CYLP

  1. Learning and development of each individual that goes though CYLP;
  2. Exposure of individuals to the working environment through a comprehensive and practical experience;
  3. Exposure to the culture of team work, excellence, innovation, accountability and integrity;
  4. Talent acquisition for the company: getting the best of the best talent in the industry for our human capital.

Benefits of CYLP

  1. Technical training with hands on experience in the field of specialty and other areas of the business. Programme participants are assigned entry level tasks and learn how to work effectively to meet deadlines;
  2. Growth of leadership skills as participants get an opportunity to lead and run projects from beginning to end with excellent execution;
  3. Improvement of different facets of communication ranging from interpersonal, presentation skills, digital communication and telephone etiquette;
  4. The programme teaches participants to be team players as they undertake their day to day activities;
  5. Association with Cytonn employees who are leaders in the market sharpens the smart candidates;
  6. Participants learn to be critical thinkers since the nature of work ensures they think outside the box;
  7. Regular evaluations ensure that participants remain on course throughout the period and have excellent performance;
  8. Opportunity to network with young and vibrant individuals in the industry.

Application Process

CYLP applications are made at the career portal on our website. Here, the candidates fill in their details, give a brief description of themselves and upload their CV.

The team then takes a look at all the applications, shortlists the candidates and the successful candidates are welcome for an interview.

We have two rounds of interviews:

  1. Aptitude Test: A test meant to gauge the candidate’s ability to critically think. Candidates who perform outstandingly in the aptitude tests are invited for the second round of interview;
  2. Oral Interview: This is intended to determine a candidates’ ability to generally fit into the Cytonn culture. We gauge various skills such as; people skills, team work, leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills and technical skills.

Requirements of CYLP

  1. Must have achieved at least a B+ or equivalent in high school, unless otherwise stated for some limited positions;
  2. Graduated or will graduate with at least a second class upper from university;
  3. Demonstrate leadership qualities;
  4. Be committed to succeeding in a team context.


The participants are embedded into the Cytonn values of; Integrity, People, Excellence, Client Focus, Entrepreneurship and Accountability.

The Cytonn culture is high performance and very competitive.

Throughout the 12 weeks, the participants are evaluated on 3 main criteria’s:

  1. Weekly Assignments – The participants do a weekly assignment revolving around areas of the business and present it to a larger team. Each intern is expected to do a minimum of 8 weekly evaluations during the 12 weeks;
  2. Daily Work and Qualitative Skills – The participants’ performance on daily tasks is evaluated. Participants are also evaluated on qualitative skills such as team work, communication skills, responsiveness and dependability;
  3. Daily Perspectives - The objective of this is to ensure that the participants think outside the box and exercise their minds. Each of them is expected to write a daily perspective. We therefore expect every individual to have a view and a perspective of each day at work. We look at the participant’s creativity, writing skills and thought process and rate them accordingly.

If at any moment Cytonn feels that an individual is continuously not meeting expectations, the team makes a decision to let them go.

At the moment, this competitive programme has a success rate of 30% for each internship class.

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