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Taaleri and Cytonn Investments - Climbing Higher Together

December 6, 2016

Juhani Elomaa, Chief Executive Officer of Taaleri of Finland, led a team of executives for their visit to Cytonn Investments and the projects funded by Taaleri, and developed by Cytonn Real Estate (CRE), the development affiliate of Cytonn Investments.

From L-R: Elizabeth N. Nkukuu, Chief Investments Officer-Cytonn Investments, Marko Backström, Legal Counsel-Taaleri, Juhani Elomaa, CEO - Taaleri & Edwin H. Dande, Managing Partner and CEO-Cytonn Investments welcoming Taaleri to Cytonn Investments by signing the visitors book.

Taaleri and Cytonn have worked together for years. The relationship brings onto one platform the funding capabilities of Taaleri and the real estate development capabilities of CRE.

“When we started, we had a team with enormous and differentiated execution capabilities, but we had very limited access to funding. Taaleri was keen on real estate returns in the market, but limited access to world class execution partners. The complementarity was compelling, it was just a matter of getting to know each other and working together. The partnership has worked very well, with Taaleri delivering over Kshs 3 billion of funding to Cytonn projects and on the other hand, Cytonn has so far delivered returns, which are on average over 40% p.a. to Taaleri investors” said, Edwin H. Dande, the Managing Partner and CEO, Cytonn Investments, during the office visit.

From L-R Marko Backström Legal Counsel-Taaleri, Juhani Elomaa, C.E.O-Taaleri, Edwin H. Dande, Managing Partner and C.E.O-Cytonn Investments & Patricia Wanjama Head of Legal-Cytonn Investments making a handshake on the agreement.

 “For Taaleri, Kenya is one of the most attractive investment destinations. In addition to having GDP growth of 6% p.a., they are a regional hub for trade and commerce, have a vibrant economy, favourable weather and a conducive business environment. In foreign markets, having the right partner is key. In Cytonn we have found partner with a similar culture. In addition, we share values of putting the client first and doing everything with the client’s interest at the centre, and by delivering to our client, we will do well and our firms will do well. We look forward to continue to work together, and it is gratifying that beyond delivering returns to our investors, our partnership is funding projects, growing the economy, and uplifting the standards of living” said Taaleri CEO, Juhani Elomaa.