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Cytonn Clients Trained on Estate Planning

December 10, 2016

“Estate Planning is about Planning for your Dependants” Clients were advised during the last wealth Management training session for 2016

Most of us tend to overlook the essence of estate planning based on the assumption that it is a preserve of the “wealthy” or the retired. This is not the case though because everyone has an estate they should be planning for. At Cytonn Investments we aim to impact knowledge and skills to help our clients better manage their Estate. On 10th December, 2016 under the Wealth Management Training Programme the participants were trained on “Estate Planning”

Doreen Onwang’a conducting the training

The training was facilitated by Doreen N. Onwang’a, a Legal Analyst at Cytonn Investments. She took the clients through proper estate planning and elaborated on the documentation required  and how to go about the preparation of estate planning documents. Doreen also explained the place of government and how to achieve tax efficiency in estate planning.

“Estate planning is about reducing and avoiding the pitfall of your property slipping through the cracks and not benefitting those whom you worked so hard for” noted Doreen during the training. “The general rule for immovable assets is that they are subject to the laws of the country in which the asset is situated.” She added.  

  Participants listening to Doreen

As a client focussed company, we  not only grow wealth for our clients , but also equip them with knowledge and skills to ensure that their wealth is for the beneficiary of the intended benefactors through estate planning.

The session was very interactive as clients had a Q&A session where they sought clarification on several estate planning issues. They also had an opportunity to network among themselves.

If you are interested in future training of this kind, contact us via clientservices@cytonn.com

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