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Cytonn Investments Releases Report on Banking Industry

December 5, 2016

Cytonn Investments today released the Q3’2016 Banking Sector Report which focused on the analysis of the 11 listed commercial banks in Kenya. The analysis was brought about by a need to be able to take a view on the banking sector so as to determine which banks are the most stable from a franchise value and a future growth opportunity perspective.

The team behind the report: L-R Caleb Mugendi, Investments Analyst; Maurice Oduor, Investments Manager; John Ndua, Investments Analyst

The report, which was released at the Hilton Hotel, Nairobi ranked Equity Group as the most attractive bank, supported by a strong franchise and intrinsic value score. In addition, the report found Kenya’s banking environment overbanked with 41 commercial banks serving a population of 44 million leading to consolidation in the sector, and heightened merger and acquisition activity. Read the full report- http://bit.ly/2gFxsvP

Maurice Oduor, Investments Manager releasing the Q3’2016 Banking Sector Report

The report themed “Transition continues, to a more stable sector, in an era of increased regulation” is part of the cutting edge and informative industry reports regularly released by Cytonn Investment. Maurice Oduor, Cytonn’s Investments Manager while releasing the report noted, “Consolidation in the banking sector will only gather pace going forward, with weaker banks being forced to merge or be acquired. Local stable banks will also seek to acquire banks aligned with their strategies, as witnessed by I&M Holdings’ acquisition of Giro. The likely candidates for mergers in the banking space will be banks with common significant shareholders”