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Cytonn Real Estate Agents briefed on Deal Origination Strategy

December 1, 2016

Cytonn Investments briefed real estate agents on their real Estate deal origination strategy, seeking to align them on how the company does business. The agents were taken through the process of deal origination and exiting.

Research and Deal Origination Manager, Johnson Denge noted that, “we want a long term partnership not a transactional one, so that we are able to know how far you have come from and you also know how far you have come from”.

Johnson Denge, Research and Deal Origination manager briefing agents on Deal Origination Strategy

Denge further explained to the agents that the main thing we look at in deal origination which is the development capability of a given property. Excellent deal origination should be able to look at how a deal will start and exit.

George Evans a research analyst responding to agents’ questions on deal origination

George Evans, a research analyst, led the question and answer session where he elaborated that, when identifying a site, we look at: infrastructure in that area, due diligence, the value of the property, verification of documents which prove ownership of the land in question. If there is positive response, we go ahead and send written offer to purchase the property after which there are negotiations and acquisition of the land.