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Product Description

Cash Management Solutions is a product that seeks to give clients high returns over a set period of time. Cytonn Investments Management Limited is able to give clients higher returns than they would otherwise get on their own due to economies of scale as we consolidate funds from various investors and also have a dedicated dealing team.

How does Cytonn achieve attractive rates for all of our investors?

  • Quick decision making & analytic capabilities: Some of the placement opportunities such as sale-buy-backs require fast turn around times. We are able to analyse and make decisions quickly 
  •   Dealing capability: At any given day, we are dealing with all the banks on the approved bank list, giving us a unique view of liquidity needs across the banking sector 
  • Consolidation leads to economies of scale: For example, instead of one individual looking to invest Kshs. 10 million, we will aggregate Kshs. 10 million from 10 investors and negotiate rates on Kshs. 100 million

Key Product Features

  • Minimum Investment Amount: Kshs. 1 million for initial investment
  • Minimum Top-Up Amount: Kshs. 0.1 million per top-up
  • Duration of investment: Minimum 1 month. Options of 1, 3,6, 9 and 12 months also available
  • Documentation: New clients should complete a Cash Management Solutions application form with relevant KYC documents provided. Existing clients should complete a Cash Management Solutions form
  • Top-Ups: Top-Ups will be considered a separate investment i.e. they will earn a return based on the week they are received
  • Special Offers: Periodic special offers will be provided subject to higher investment minimums

Governance Structure

Cash Management Solutions is set up as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  • The partnership has been structured to receive cash resources from investors while Cytonn Investments Management Limited contributes intellectual and human capital
  • The profits made shall be shared among the partners in accordance to a pre-agreed profit sharing arrangement. In this arrangement, investors in Cash Management Solutions are given a guaranteed return and Cytonn Investments Management Limited receives the residual income
  • Cytonn Investments Management Limited's business operations have no material impact on the guaranteed return provided to the Cash Management Solutions' investors
  • All the partners are expected to file their own taxes but Withholding Tax will be charged in the case of non-tax exempt clients

Current Rates

Currency 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months
KES 12% p.a. 15% p.a. 16% p.a. 17% p.a. 18% p.a.
USD 4% p.a. 4% p.a. 4% p.a. 4% p.a. 4% p.a.
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