Diaspora Real Estate Solutions by Cytonn

Diaspora Real Estate Solutions by Cytonn is a platform that addresses the three key impediments the Kenyan Diaspora face when looking to invest in Kenya:

1. Lack of products with attractive returns for the Diaspora to invest in,

2. Lack of trusted partners to represent the interests of the Diaspora, and

3. The inability to safely and conveniently transact and close a deal through a trusted representative

To address these challenges, Cytonn Investments has partnered with service providers to build a unique platform:

  • Cytonn Investments provides the platform that links Kenyans in the diaspora to trusted investment opportunities in Kenya
  • Product partners will provide high investment grade real estate products
  • Preferred banking partners will provide lendingĀ 
For the first time, Kenyans now have access to a trusted and easily accessible platform that enables them to identify, evaluate and invest in differentiated investment opportunities that speak to their investment needs.

How the platform works


Cytonn identifies an investment opportunity, does due diligence and confirms its suitability for diaspora investment


Investment opportunity with comprehensive accompanying information is posted on the platform


Investor executes the transaction via Cytonn Investment's Digicert Secure Trust Seal platform


Investor is granted opportunity to monitor portfolio

Investment Opportunities

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