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About Cytonn Foundation

Cytonn Foundation is an initiative of Cytonn Investments focused on giving back to the society through skill development.  We focus on causes that resonate with our values and those that we collectively care about.

We are focused on three main causes, namely:

  1. Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship remains the core engine of growth in any diverse and growing economy, hence the biggest determinant in job creation and uplifting the standards of living.

    At Cytonn Foundation, we understand that entrepreneurship is crucial to social progress. A good business (i) creates wealth for its shareholders, (ii) creates good and fulfilling career opportunities for employees, (iii) creates innovative, fair priced, enjoyable products and services for its customers, and importantly, (iv) enhances society at large through paying taxes to fund national priorities. For this purpose, the Foundation aims to promote entrepreneurial culture in Kenya and the region.
    We do this through the following initiatives:

    The Cytonn Entrepreneurs Hub (Cytonn eHub)
    This is a 12-week training and mentorship programme for young and upcoming entrepreneurs that seeks to enhance knowledge and capabilities on how to start, develop and run successful enterprises. Cytonn eHub encompasses all the pillars of the Cytonn Foundation namely:  Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy and, Training and Mentorship. Read More on eHub

    The Cytonn Entrepreneurs Forum
    This is an initiative of the Foundation, which brings together budding and experienced entrepreneurs to learn from each other’s entrepreneurial journey through periodic forums, each focused on a specific theme.

  1. Training and Mentorship: We have a mandate to mentor, train and nurture skill sets. We do so in various ways such as:

    Media training
    This is an initiative of Cytonn Foundation to train media professionals on various areas across Investments, Finance and Real Estate so as to enhance skill sets, contribute to the growth of financial journalism and improve the quality of information available to the public.

    Cytonn Young Leaders Programme (CYLP)
    At Cytonn, CYLP is our primary recruitment tool. CYLP has partnered with various universities and always takes the opportunity to mentor university students on areas revolving around career growth and leadership.

  1. Financial Literacy: Cytonn Foundation aims to enhance financial knowledge and empower individuals with skills and knowledge that allow them to make informed and effective decisions with their financial resources. We do this through training sessions at universities, conferences and at our fora.
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