We work to deliver innovative and differentiated financial solutions that speak to our clients’ needs

Background of Investment

One of the most important goals in life is attaining financial security. With the many investment products out there, we at Cytonn draw on over a century of collective investment experience to understand your investments needs, partner with you and create a personalized solution.

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Cytonn Diaspora Solutions

Cytonn Diaspora was founded to make a difference in how Kenyans in the Diaspora invest back home. We alleviate the problems facing Kenyans in the Diaspora seeking attractive investment opportunities back home by:

  1. Being a credible and trusted online platform with which to transact,
  2. Providing investment solutions that offer stable and attractive returns, and
  3. Offering a platform tailored for Kenyans in the diaspora to safely and conveniently transact and invest through a trusted representative.


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