For Cytonn, recruiting is a decisive competitive advantage because our future success depends on recruiting and training the most capable graduates. In order to deliver the best investment returns and services to our clients, we have to have the best people we can get. Consequently, we spare no resource in seeking to recruit the most talented people in our internship program.

At Cytonn we are looking for:

  • Smart entrepreneurial people with diverse backgrounds who believe in teaming and collaborating to deliver the firm in solving the most complex investment challenges in the region.
  • We like people who have an itch to make an impact ... to do something that makes a difference to our clients, investors and the businesses we fund.
  • People who are intensely engaged and want to create something or get involved in something excellent; excellence for excellence sake is a key ingredient to exceeding our client expectations.
  • We like edge ... every individual should bring something different that contributes to a strong and different that contributes to a strong and differentiated team to serve clients in a way that competitor can.

If you are interested in joining the Cytonn team, whether you are fresh from university or are experienced, we would like to hear from you.

Our Young Leaders Program

Whenever we can, we want to develop our own talent from entry level. That is why we partner with universities to take in candidates for our competitive internship program that leads to full time offers for the successful few.

If you are smart, hardworking, looking for a challenge and want to solve some of the most complex but exciting challenges in the field of finance and investments, we welcome your application.


  • Must have achieved at least a B+ of equivalent in high school
  • Graduated or will graduate with at least a second class upper honors from university
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities
  • Be committed to succeeding in a team context
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If you are looking for a new challenge where you can team up with committed professionals to make an impact, we welcome you to apply for one of our open positions.

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Our Referral Bonus Program

Cytonn Investments offers a referral bonus for anyone who refers a candidate for a fulltime position, and the candidate gets hired. The bonus will be equivalent to the first month salary of the position the referred individual was hired to, payable upon confirmation of the referral.

To refer a candidate, click the link below and provide details of the candidate and the position you are referring them for. In order to qualify, this should be done before the company makes contact with the candidate, and the candidate should not be in our system of applicants.

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Kindly note that all correspondence to do with any position advertised for and on behalf Cytonn Investments Management Limited and/or its affiliates ‘Cytonn Investments’ shall only be communicated with an email address with as its domain name and or using the contact telephone numbers below. Job seekers are advised that, for their safety and integrity of the recruitment process, to confirm through our official telephone numbers (020-4400420, 020-3929000 and 0714 830744) in case they are doubtful of any communication claiming to emanate from Cytonn Investments.
Happy job seeking!

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