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Project Description

Newtown is an exceptional master planned development within the greater Nairobi Metropolis that once complete, will comprise of residential, commercial, educational, logistics, recreational and hospitality precincts.  Newtown sits on approximately 1000 acres located in Athi River, Machakos County, approximately 10 km off Mombasa Road along Mutongoni Road. The development aims to provide a world class city that will creates a ‘Live’, ‘Work’, ‘Play’, ‘learn’ environment while creating traction for the area.

Newtown is strategically designed to enable efficient use of spaces, provide ample transportation corridors for easier mobility within the city while preserving the ambience of all integrated land uses.

You can be part of these master planned development either as an investor, developer or home owner.

NewTown will be sold in phases starting off with the residential area which has been divided into 1/8th acre plots. The project will also be implemented in phases with the first phase catering for amenities such as Cabro paved roads, water provision, street lights and electricity.

Be part of Newtown Master Planned Development and help improve people’s way of living, working and leisure.


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