Customer focus & excellent service delivery

16 April, 2024 / Articles

Customer service has been my dream and passion. Satisfying and keeping my clients happy remains the reason I don’t refer my office as a work place but an engagement center. When I first bumped into customer engagements, I had no idea that customer service is not a naturally born trait but a skill that is acquired and sharpened. I quickly shed off my idea of passively responding to clients and began exploring new methods. Never before had I been subjected to such self-denying moments where one’s opinion mattered the least and taking the customers ’word for what it was carried the day. You literally let go of what your individual perceptions and go the extra mile to retain your customer.

No day was similar to the other. There were those that were more challenging and draining. All challenges had to be handled to get to the bottom line; building solid relations with my customers. It was always a buzz, members at the desk with pressing issues. On one lane, I realized how energy draining it can get learning to multitask, but on the other hand there was lots of room for self-improvement.

It did not take me long to sharpen my communication skills and remain composed under pressure. Procrastination with customers’ inquiries is very common and if one is not careful, they end up losing the very client they worked so hard to get. The only wall between the two is understanding, thus I listened to customers to understand their thought process.

Now I’m more informed. I can say without fear that I am specialist in handling customers. My interpersonal engagements are not the same as they were before, it’s now possible to listen on without interruptions and wait to speak during my turn. I summarize customer service in three words; understanding, empathy and patience. It is through these that I am able to listen to a customer and determine where they are coming from then provide exactly what they need. This ultimately cultivates a solid foundation upon which my long-term relationships with customers are anchored, while I deliver to promise.

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