How to Make Colors Work for Your Home

22 July, 2024 / Articles

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to a particular product over another? And why do we consider one place to be more appealing than another? Well, color accounts for about 60% of one’s response to a place or an object (Meyers-Levy, 1995). Color has both psychological and physical effects, which are quite significant. In our homes, the use of color is very important since this is the place where one can define their style and make everyone feel welcome.

From this perspective, there are different ways through which you can make colors work for your home, ranging from the paint you choose for your walls to the individual objects inside your home. Having a darker color on the exteriors will make your house look smaller, but a light color will make it appear larger.

Around the windows, it’s always better to keep the trim color lighter than the field. This is because darker colors make the windows appear as if they are pictures hanging on the wall. You can “hide” downspouts and gutters in the background by using the trim color on them. In order to draw attention to the house’s important features, you can make the accent color very eye-catching.

When it comes to the interiors, add sparkle and interest (stimulate people to be attracted), and make it easy to differentiate one space from another, by applying glossy finishes to trim work and doors. This defines the room’s “frame”. For the ceiling, you can add sophistication and shine to dinning spaces by using a high sheen product. Complement this by use of a glossy hue to add a stencil pattern on the ceiling. When using a single color (ranging between red and yellow), the wall texture can be used to provide warmth and depth. Interest can be improved by adding paintable wall coverings or glazing over an already painted surface. By making the right choice of colors for their home, one can make a big difference.

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