How to Make Your Bathroom Exceptional

17 June, 2024 / Articles

The bathroom should be the ultimate relaxation room in the house as most of our intimate moments are spent in this space. Here are a few suggestions on how to improve your experience in this room and also give it your own personal sense of style:

  • Why white?

Most bathroom tiles are white in color so why not go against the norm and choose darker colored tiles. In addition to adding a sophisticated look to the house, they are easier to maintain. Go the extra mile and use gray grout rather than white to make the bathroom walls pop!

  • Consider the shower

There is nothing quite as frustrating as turning on the hot shower only for the water to pour reluctantly or even worse intermittently. Invest in a high-pressure rainfall shower that will definitely jumpstart your day in the morning. For an extra kick, install an LED color changing shower head that will turn showering in the dark into an amazing experience.

  • Timeless chrome

A durable material as chrome is wonderful for the countertops as these surfaces are exposed to a lot of water during their service life. A hardy material like chrome will withstand the conditions all while giving a polished and sophisticated feel to the space

  • Extra Storage

Getting extra storage is always a good idea for any space in the house. Simple items such as wicker baskets are used to store away the precious beauty and hair products. If the space is tiny, fret not. Install small cabinets underneath the sink providing extra storage without being too intrusive.

  • Gorgeous Vanity

The "his & hers" vanity is an amazing way to ensure that both the lady and the gentleman get enough room to prepare without getting in each other’s way. Choose a light color such as a lighter shade of silver and brighten this look even more by using clear mason jars.

  • Bring in the Green

Although this suggestion seems counterintuitive, the bathroom can be one of the best places to place flowers in your house. As these spaces are usually dimly lit and have high humidity, you should choose the plant carefully to ensure that it will thrive and provide you with a wonderful sight in the morning. Flowers such as aloe vera and the orchid would be lovely choices.

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