How to protect your savings from a crash

28 May, 2024 / Articles

Whereas we all agree on the importance of saving today in order to reap the benefits later, there has hardly ever been a clear-cut way of guaranteeing that these savings remain safe in the event of a market crash. Those of us who are risk averse prefer to deposit their savings in a fixed deposit account, earning interest at market rates or even below market rates. There are those who go an extra step and invest their savings in an investment option that gives a higher return without losing your savings.

Regardless of the means used to save, how do you protect your savings from a market crash?

Consult an investment expert

Before making an investment decision, ensure that you have sought some investment advice from an experienced and reputable investment expert. They will offer an expert’s opinion on where you can invest your savings based on your risk profile. The investment expert will assist in determining your risk profile based on your past investment decisions or using your personal traits which will help ascertain the most suitable investment option. A good investment expert will also inform you on the pros and cons of each option placing you in a position to make sound and informed investment decision

Diversify your investments

If you have a sizable amount of savings, you should not invest your money in one investment option. You should diversify your portfolio so as to reduce the risk of losing all your savings in case there is a market crash in one option. Choose investment options that will react differently to varying economic conditions. Since the economy is in a continuous cycle of inflation and deflation, you want some of your assets to appreciate during inflation while others gain during deflation.

Monitor your Investments

Good times don’t last forever. You should therefore closely monitor your investments and the investment environment, and make proper judgment on when to cash out (exit). In most cases, the most convenient time to exit is when the business revenue has stabilized and is giving good returns. This will present a lucrative opportunity to any buyer hence allowing you to sell the business at a premium. In case you’re not in a position to make sound investment decisions, you should hire an investment expert to monitor your investment portfolio. Hence they will advise on the most appropriate time to cash out.

Don’t Panic in case there is a crash

The worst mistake you can make as an investor is to draw your money from an investment when there is a crash in the market. For example, if you have invested your savings in public markets, your stock may devalue during that period but after a while, they may recover. Hence you should not panic and make hasty decisions. When you panic you are likely to make poor decisions hence lose your investment. You should be patient enough to monitor the investment environment and make an informed decision for the next step.

Choosing Investment options that protect your principal

You can opt to invest your saving in investment options that you're assured to get back your principal amount at the end of the investment period. In most cases, these are usually low-risk investments with lower returns. Such products include government bonds, annuities and money market funds.

Invest in fundamentally strong companies
In case you may want to invest in public markets you should select fundamentally strong stocks. In most cases, a fundamentally strong company is one that has been performing well over a long period of time and has the potential for strong future earnings. If you are not in a position to do a detailed analysis of company financial statements always seek advice from an investment expert. They will advise you on a stock whose share price is stable and not erratic based on the market conditions.

When you invest your savings you always expect to get returns from your investments. Your risk appetite will determine how you allocate your savings into different asset classes. High-risk investments are associated with higher returns. To protect your savings from a crash in the market, make an informed investments decision. If you are not an expert in investments matters, always seek the advice from an experienced and reputable investment expert, who will guide you on how you can make your investment decisions wisely.

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