Interview: Francisca Mwanza on Cytonn Young Leaders Program

16 April, 2024 / Interview

Tell us about yourself, who is Francisca and what do you do?

Francisca is a passionate youth empowerment champion, and digital marketer by profession. I am an entrepreneur who takes pride in developing and promoting growth and utilization of talents among the youth.

How did you learn about the Cytonn Young Leaders Programme?

I learnt about the programme through referrals from a friend who thought Cytonn was the best place for me since it offers hands-on experience to fresh graduates, who seek to challenge themselves in a busy work environment.

What role did you play during the programme?

I was a Digital Marketing Intern in the Brand Department when I joined CYLP. My day to day duties included management of the company’s digital platforms like websites & social media, and constantly developing new ways of improving online user experience in order to reach a wider online market base.

I also played various roles occasionally assigned to me by the Brand Manager, which further helped grow me not only as a digital marketer, but also as a brand professional in general.

What challenges did you encounter during your internship and how were you able to overcome them?

During the first few days of the programme I had trouble adjusting to the busy environment and meeting deadlines, and dealing with the various temperaments among the staff. But I am thankful for the various team-mates who were able to hold my hands through the process of adjusting to the Cytonn way of executing like hell.

How has the CYLP impacted your personal and professional life?

Yes, it has greatly impacted my life. CYLP taught me to be passionate about what I do. It has also taught me the value of hard work, dedication, responsibility, and sacrifice. These are the same values I still use in my daily undertakings. Not to mention how important it is for me right now to see to it that deadlines are met.

What was your main CYLP Highlight?

(Smiling) I have plenty of those! But the most treasured is working with the best digital marketing team I have met so far. The sense of teamwork we had and superb supervisors who would always take time to educate us on new trends in the field, teaching us new skills like photography whilst delivering within deadlines…that does it for me!

What areas of improvement would you advise to better the programme?

I believe the programme is running well so far but it would not hurt if the continuing staff would dedicate more time to the slow starters by further explaining the assigned task since not every learner is quick-witted. It spares the time spent in deciphering what is required in performance of the task.

 Would you recommend Cytonn Young Leaders Programme for any fresh graduate out there? Why?

I would most definitely recommend the program to any fresh graduate. CYLP offered me a sharp start to my career. I am now capable of running my own personal ventures in a professional manner. Due to the practical experiences you get from day one of the program, you get the kind of help that not only shapes your career but also exposes you to the real workplace environment that every fresh graduate yearns for out there!

Any final words to fresh graduates looking for work experience?

Dear Fresh graduate, when looking for work experience, choose wisely. Look for an environment whereby you will be given a task relevant to what you want to pursue as an individual. Few are companies which can offer you a task which will be reflected in the firm. Look for somewhere you can proudly say at the end of the program ”I did that!”. The Cytonn Young Leaders Program offers you that and much more. You will like it, trust me.


You too can become a part of the Cytonn Young Leaders Program. Apply for available internship positions on and launch your career, the sharp way!

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