Interview: George Kinuthia on Cytonn Young Leaders Program

16 April, 2024 / Interview

Cytonn Young Leaders Program is an intensive 12-week training and mentorship program which seeks to provide the vital work experience to fresh graduates just joining the job market. The programme subjects the graduates to a fast-paced work culture aimed at equipping them with skills and knowledge to launch their careers and thrive in it.

George Kinuthia, an Assistant Business Systems Analyst at Cytonn and a CYLP graduate, shares his experience from the 12-week programme.

Tell us about yourself and what you do...

I am George, and an Assistant Business Systems Analyst. My work entails observing and analysing existing business processes to identify those that can be improved/enhanced, mostly through automation

What does your typical day involve?

My day involves meeting with internal clients to discuss/propose automation enhancements to their processes, documenting these enhancements for the developers to understand the client requirements, then discussing the same with both the developers and clients in a meeting. Business Systems Analysts are software project managers thus we constantly have to liaise with these two classes of individuals (clients and developers) to ensure that the systems built actually address the specific needs of the client. Once a system is ready, it is my job to ensure that it is ready for use by taking it through a quality assurance test.

I conduct a lot of research on new industry automation trends to ensure that we are not left behind.

What role did you play during the programme?

Interestingly, I've gone through the program twice. The first time as a Business Development and Administration Intern where my roles involved ensuring business processes were adhered to and as a Business Systems Analysis Intern where I was tasked with constantly evaluating these processes to see if they can be improved through automation.

What challenges did you encounter during your internship and how were you able to overcome them?

The working hours were initially very challenging especially when I had to stay late to work on pending deliverables. The high-performance culture at Cytonn where results are demanded at definite timelines was also quite challenging. Over time, I have learnt to overcome these challenges with better time management, keenness on instructions given by the client, and always working with other team members to deliver results.

How has the CYLP impacted your personal and professional life?

Through CYLP, I have become a more confident person, able to make presentations to a large group, something which was previously challenging. I have also learnt how to make my work better while working with different team members and deliver expected results under tight deadlines.

Any main CYLP Highlight?

My highlight is the ability to interact with various levels of staff either in the office and or during company events. It is difficult to notice who ranks higher than the other, we are a team, and I have managed to make more friends and business partners through networking at various events.

Any areas of improvement to the programme?

Though the program is competitive and sometimes we have to let go of interns who aren't able to catch up with the company's fast-paced culture, I’m of the opinion that all interns be allowed to complete the 12 weeks, the skills gained would be greatly beneficial in their future endeavours

Would you recommend Cytonn Young Leaders Programme to any fresh graduate out there and why?

Yes, I would. CYLP is one of the best internship experiences a fresh graduate could have as it grows him/her holistically. You get to learn not just how to thrive in a team context, but the hands-on skills and experience necessary to kick-start your career.

Final word to fresh graduates?

I would advise them to grab the opportunity and apply for the CYLP internship and be ready for a life-changing experience. As long as they're prepared to execute like hell.


You too can become a part of the Cytonn Young Leaders Program. Apply for available internship positions on and launch your career, the sharp way!

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