Lighting and Mood

16 April, 2024 / Articles

Lighting is a crucial element in room décor. The type of lighting fixtures you install could bring life and beauty to a room, making people want to spend time in it. Yet it is usually the last consideration when decorating. This shouldn't be the case because lighting has the power to determine your mood. You don’t believe me? Would you install the flashing lights of a nightclub in your living room and vice versa? Why not? Because it would affect the aura of the room. Actually, mood and light are so interlinked that in countries with harsh winters, the number of people suffering from seasonal depression spikes. Apparently, the lack of sunlight brings an air of gloom. So, how do you ensure your lighting is appropriate for your house? Here are your few tips:

  1. Be deliberate when choosing lighting

Aside from the style of the fixture, which is purely aesthetic, the type of lighting chosen has different qualities and energy consumption. This determines usage. For instance, while you might want sharp, incandescent lights for your study, they would be inappropriate for a bedroom.

  1. Consider the overall décor

When picking fixtures such as chandeliers, lamps, lampshades or even bulbs, do so with the rest of the room in mind. Do the two complement each other or does something look out of place? What are the main colours and how does your choice of fixture compare?

  1. Have sufficient lighting

Do your rooms have enough lighting to enable you to do the things you are supposed to do there? It sounds obvious, but you would be surprised to find you picked lighting based on beauty rather than utility. Rooms that need to be well lit include the kitchen, shared spaces such as the living room, closets and home offices.

  1. Play with colour

For most people the standard yellow bulb is all the thought they have put into their lighting. However, if you are willing to experiment with colour, you could achieve very artistic décor. Do not overdo it though. Always consider the general feel of the room then use coloured lights and shades to arrive at a look you like.

  1. Consider a dimmer

To give your rooms the most range, consider installing a dimmer. Dimmers let you adjust the brightness, warmth and even hue of your lighting source. This means that you can customize the room to different needs. For instance, you can turn the lights brighter for large gatherings or dim them for a more intimate feel.

In summary, lights have a great impact on mood. Aside from having utility, you should ensure your lighting complements your décor, plays with colour and can be adjusted.

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