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29 July, 2017

After one year in operations with closed membership of over 200, Cytonn Co-operative Society Ltd (Cytonn Co-op) took the next step in its growth trajectory during today's Special General Meeting (SGM) where the members voted to open up membership to select & vetted members of the public who share our common goal of delivering the best returns to the members. 

With this step, the above average returns in real estate and private equity will now be accessible to the ordinary Kenyan, with as little as Ksh. 10,000/= per month.

“The Co-op’s model has in place unrivaled client service, better governance & diversified investments structures to deliver superior returns to the members,” noted Johnson Denge, Chairman of the Co-operative at the SGM.

Johnson Denge, Chairman of Cytonn Co-op speaking at the SGM.

"We have never seen the kind of high growth in a cooperative society as we have seen at Cytonn Cooperative, and we need to keep it up," noted Davis Muriithi, the representative from the Co-operatives Sub-county Office at the SGM. “It is also commendable how management has been handling the affairs of the Co-operative by letting people participate in product development and pursuing all means to ensure members get best investments by accessing high returning alternative investments areas” he added.

Davis Kathurima, Co-operatives Sub-county Office representative speaking at the SGM.

“Co-operative assets have grown by 143.9% to Kshs 36.6 million in July from Kshs 15.0 million in Dec, 2016 and the revenue is projected to grow at an average of 155% over the next 4 years,” said Maurice Oduor, Treasurer of the Cooperative, “The committee aims at diversifying investments into different asset classes for best returns,” he added.

“We assert that Cytonn Co-operative is fully aware and adhere to Co-operative Act & regulations that govern it and that, good laws have been put in place to foster and protect the interest of members,” said Jenny Nduati, counsel to the brand licensor (Cytonn Investments Management Limited) and ex officio member of the Manco.

The members also got to vote in new management committee members of the co-operative.

Members of Cytonn Co-operative at the SGM.

Cytonn Co-operative Society Limited is a platform to bring together like minded individuals to invest and grow their wealth. The investment co-operative enables its members to access high returning alternative investment areas such as real estate and private equity, which are usually not accessible to individual investors.