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21 October, 2017

The 9th session of Cytonn e-Hub season 2 saw the participants receive tips on sales and marketing strategies so as to spur growth in their companies. The facilitator of the session was David Mabiria, Director of Strategic Technologies, and a part time web and mobile developer for the Magunga Book Store. “To make a sale, you first need to establish a connection with your customer,” Mabiria said, introducing the topic.

Mabiria explained that customers will buy a product, not just because they like the product, but also due to the relationship established by the seller of the product, which in turn will lead to a happy and regular customer.

As part of his session and to promote understanding of the topic, Mabiria used the case of Donald Trump’s Facebook campaign to win the elections as a challenge to the participants to improve on their digital content. “To remain competitive, do not use your products to compete, but compete on how fast you provide information and services as compared to your competitors,” he concluded.

Other key considerations raised during the session on how to best market your brand, included (i) where your target market spends most of their time, (ii) tailoring your message to fit the specific channel of communication, and (iii) precision performance marketing, which targets a specific segment of the population.

Cytonn eHub Season 2 continues on Saturday, 4th November 2017, with Mariam Muhando, owner of Cafelatta Coffee Lounge, facilitating on “Exemplary client service.”