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11 October, 2017

On 11th October 2017, Cytonn Foundation, an initiative by Cytonn Investments that focuses on giving back to the society through skill development, held a “Private Wealth Management” and “Cytonn Young Leaders Program (CYLP)” training at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). The wealth management training was an informative session whereby the participants were taught on how to plan for their financial needs, and apportioning part of their money into wealth generating assets. On the other hand, the CYLP training was an exceptional mentorship session that inducted the students on how they can start sharp and thrive in their career.

The first session of the training was on Wealth Management and was facilitated by John Ndua, an Investments Analyst at Cytonn. He emphasized that people have to make rational decisions on how to allocate the available resources efficiently in order to satisfy basic needs and additional wants. “One of the key ways of being efficient is through developing your financial plan. This is a process whereby one identifies his goals and differentiates them from short, medium to long term,” noted John. “One must also know the four pillars of financial planning which are budgeting, saving, debt management and investments. These are essential tools that will enable you to live within your means and put your money into assets that will generate returns in the future,” he added.

Rodgers Opere, a Human Resource Analyst at Cytonn, in the second session, took JKUAT students through the CYLP training. “CYLP is an initiative by Cytonn to minimize the hustles and bustles that fresh graduates undergo while searching for a job. It gives them a chance to interact with sharp minds, and gain hands-on experience that improves their analytical and problem solving skills,” said Rodgers. “This in turn prepares graduates for absorption into the job market by increasing their competitive edge. We have partnered with Embu and Moi University where students are mentored on areas revolving around career growth and leadership, and partnership arrangements with JKUAT are underway,” he added.

The CYLP program is under Cytonn Foundation, that focuses on causes that resonate with Cytonn’s values and those that the company collectively cares about. Other initiatives of Cytonn Foundation include; Cytonn eHub, a 12-week training & mentorship programme for young & upcoming entrepreneurs that seeks to enhance knowledge & capabilities on how to run & grow successful enterprises and Cytonn Summer Associate Program, whose main objective is to provide developing markets hands-on opportunity for professionals interested in making an impact.