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27 June, 2018

On Wednesday, 27th June 2018, Cytonn Foundation, an initiative of Cytonn Investments that focuses on giving back to the society through skill development, held a Private Wealth Management (WMT) and Cytonn Young Leaders Program (CYLP) training at the Mount Kenya University (MKU) located in Thika, as part of the Foundation’s financial literacy pillar. The University staff were taken through a real estate management training session with a focus on opportunities available in the real estate sector.

A section of the participants of the Private Wealth Management Training (WMT)

Speaking at the event, Patricia Wachira, Senior Research Analyst, Cytonn Real Estate, noted that a potential investor ought to check the viability of an investment option through conducting a feasibility test and ascertaining the profitability of the said opportunity. “There are 2 main ways to invest in real estate, brick and mortar which involves being actively involved in development or through structured investment solutions such as Private Equity, Mezzanine Debt, Project Notes and REITs all which provide an investor with an avenue for high returns depending on their risk tolerance, time horizon and liquidity needs,” said Patricia. “The real estate sector is still viable for investment backed by positive fundamentals in Kenya such as an attractive demographic profile, infrastructural development and a stable macro-economic environment. Despite the turbulent electioneering period experienced last year, real estate contributed up to 8.5% of the total GDP a 0.1% growth from 8.4% in 2016 and is the best-performing asset class with returns averaging at 24.3% over the last 5 years,” she concluded.

Patricia Wachira, Senior Research Analyst, Cytonn Real Estate, shares key notes on Real Estate performance with the attendees.

In the afternoon session, the University students were taken through the CYLP training. Speaking during the session, Victor Ondiwo, Human Resource Analyst at Cytonn noted, “So far, CYLP has successfully trained over 700 graduates and 300 of these given job offers. He went on to add that 60% of the permanent Cytonn Staff went through the program.” “We look for entrepreneurial-minded individuals with proven leadership capability who can be competitive and deliver to our clients’ expectations,” he added.