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3 August, 2017

In a continuous effort to recognize and award excellence & dedication, Cytonn Investments today held an award ceremony for its top performers in Q2'2017 at Sarova Stanley Hotel.

“Real Estate Financial Advisors play a big role in ensuring that our clients easily access our products & services. Over and above the regular internal brand sales promotion, we will be holding a quarterly award ceremony for our top producing tied and independent real estate financial advisors,” said Mex Osoro, Cytonn’s Senior Distribution Manager at the awarding ceremony.

Lucia Muhandick, top real estate financial advisor (right) being awarded by Mex Osoro, Senior Distribution Manager at the awarding ceremony.

Cytonn's Independent Real Estate Financial Advisors coordinator, George Ngingo, speaking at the event noted that Cytonn's biggest asset is talent and its main aim is always to recognise and award top performing real estate investments advisors. "We are focused on delivering the best returns and services to our clients through exceptional service delivery by our Distribution team," said George, "We, therefore, hold quarterly awarding ceremony where we recognize top performers as a way of motivating our people and rewarding hard work, as they are a key channel through which our clients access our real estate investments solutions," added George.

Speaking at the event, Chief Investment Officer & Head of Cytonn Real Estate, Elizabeth N. Nkukuu said that Cytonn has grown in terms of people and products, and is always looking at what clients want through its Real Estate Investments Advisors so as to renovate its product to fit clients’ needs and have best returns in the market.

Elizabeth Nkukuu, Cytonn’s Chief Investments Officer speaking at the awarding ceremony.

"When you are growing fast in business, you must put in place processes and structures that support the growth. We are committed to distribution as one of our key pillars and have put in a lot of effort and dedication to ensure that we have the very best products in the market," noted Edwin H. Dande, Managing Partner & CEO at Cytonn during the awarding ceremony.

Abel Kemei, Distribution Analyst at Cytonn noted that Cytonn always works to deliver best investment knowledge in the region through their wealth management training. "We acknowledge that financial literacy is key in nurturing saving culture, wealth creation, and management which further leads to economic development," said Abel, "we, therefore, urge you to sign up for our bi-weekly wealth management training in order to grow your wealth and maximize returns when investing," he added.

Cytonn’s top producing Real Estate Financial Advisors and the Distribution Management team during the awarding ceremony.