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28 September, 2017

During the British American Tobacco - Kenya (BAT-K) staff Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on 28th September 2017, Cytonn Investments CEO Edwin H. Dande spoke on the importance of “Maintaining a comfortable lifestyle into retirement”. He called on the members present to be proactive in financially safeguarding their retirement by investing first before they spend their income.

In attendance was Sidney Wafula, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at BAT-K, and his team, as well as 200 other BAT-K staff. Among the keynotes in the session was the importance of investing in real estate, noting that it is a long-term investment option that attracts high returns of up to 25.0% per annum, providing adequate financial security well into retirement.

In addition to informing the BAT-K staff on the advantages of investing in real estate, by developing the mindset of a Cytonnaire, Mr. Dande also spoke on the significance of having a retirement plan and executing the plan to completion.

Participants were also interested in knowing the key areas to invest in and Mr. Dande explained the need to have a specialized asset manager to facilitate one’s financial fund in three sectors: equity, fixed income and real estate. He also challenged the BAT-K staff to educate themselves on the importance of investing wisely to maintain a comfortable lifestyle into retirement. The event, which commenced at 3.30 pm, came to a close at 4.30 pm with participants appreciating the insights provided by Cytonn Investments Managing Partner and CEO Mr. Edwin Dande.

The management also made the commitment to borrow a leaf from Cytonn Investments in exploring alternative investment solutions to maximise on member’s contributions and provide good returns well into their retirement.