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11 November, 2016

Cytonn Investments is honored to be recognized at Think Business Annual Investments Awards as the 1st Runners Up in Alternative Investments and Private Equity. The awards, which were held at Radisson Blu hotel, fetes and confers merit on the companies who are leading the dynamic and fast-paced changes in the securities exchange and investments sectors in Kenya.

The trophy awarded to Cytonn Investments

Accepting the award, Shiv Arora, Financial Controller at Cytonn Investments noted “Cytonn is humbled by this award. This award highlights the commitment made by entrepreneurs investing in alternative investments in Africa.”

Shiv Arora (L) accepting the award

 Cytonn Investments, which begun in 2014, has grown to be a leading brand in alternative investments, with over Kshs. 74 billion in projects under mandate.