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5 October, 2019

Cytonn Investments, today hosted its Independent and Tied Real Estate Financial Advisors (REFAs) to an Award Ceremony to celebrate milestones achieved by the team in Q1’2019. The quarterly event, which seeks to recognize REFAs who have demonstrated exemplary performance, saw winners awarded in 6 categories.


Members at the FA/IFA Q 1’19

Speaking during the event, top selling Financial Advisor Mark Omondi, Q1, stated “To be able to sell, you must love the brand that you are selling. People don’t just buy products, they buy the passion you have for the brand. Secondly, consistency is what will keep you going and motivated during the challenging times and also enable you to weather the storms”


Abel Kemei, the top producing IFA receiving the award

Abel Kemei, the top producing IFA during his remarks advised the team to not only work hard, work smart, be consistent, determined and focused but also to have faith and be connected to the supreme power to excel.



Patricia Wanjama, Head of legal at Cytonn Investments awarding James Gitonga

Patricia Wanjama, Head of legal at Cytonn investments commended the efforts made by the Distribution team in onboarding clients and maintaining client relationships. She emphasized the importance of consistency, discipline and faith in sales performance.


Maureen Salim, Distribution Manager at Cytonn Investments.

Maureen Salim, Distribution Manager at Cytonn Investments congratulated the winners and encouraged all financial advisors and Independent financial advisors, to deliver numbers and surpass the challenges that face financial advisors by being enthusiastic and positive, and loving their job.

To crown the event, three financial Advisors were awarded for their exceptional performance during the quarter with the winner taking home a cheque of Kshs. 50,000, the 1st Runners up Kshs. 20,000, and the 2nd Runners Up received Kshs. 10,000.