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11 March, 2019
CEO Speeches

March 11, 2019

Our Chief Guest, Hon. Nelson Gaichuhie- Chief Administrative Secretary for National Treasury and Planning, esteemed clients and shareholders, business partners, fund management and other industry leaders, respected regulators, the Cytonn Board Members, management and staff, ladies and gentlemen, all protocols observed, good morning.

I would like to thank you very much for making time to attend the launch of Cytonn Asset Managers Limited (CAML) the regulated affiliate of Cytonn Investments Management Plc. The company is licensed by the Capital Markets Authority as a Fund Manager and REITs Manager, and by the Retirement Benefits Authority as a Fund Manager.

For us, this has been a long journey and we are very pleased that we have attained this significant milestone. Mine is to thank the two regulators, the Capital Markets Authority and the Retirement Benefits Authority for the support that they have given us this far.  We shall continue to work together with your teams as we believe that the journey for Cytonn Asset Managers has just begun.

The capital markets remain vibrant and we have seen a lot of efforts towards innovation and products development. The continued entry of new players into the market is great, as it helps with market maturity and helps provide choices for the investing public.

As a group, our Investments Assets have continued to grow to the current kshs 21 billion of on-balance assets and kshs 82 billion of projects under mandate, and we believe that with the licenses, the growth shall even accelerate. We shall now be able to focus on our clients even better, as we shall be able to offer a range of products to suit various investment needs.

Just like in the past, I would like to reassure you of Cytonn’s commitment to continued products development and investing in technology to enhance the investors’ experience. We are committed to offering innovative products and superior returns backed by exceptional client service. Our challenge to the public is to build a saving and investments culture so that they take advantage of the various investment options in the market. We look forward to partnering with the various industry players and service providers in coming up with the best products for both individuals and institutions such as pension schemes.

So on behalf of the Board of Directors of Cytonn Investments Management Plc, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Regulators for their support towards the licensing of Cytonn Asset Managers Ltd. To our clients, thank you for believing in the team and supporting the team throughout this journey.

To conclude, I would like to thank the Board of Cytonn Asset Managers Limited- who’s Chair, Mr. Madhav Bhalla shall be addressing us shortly, and the team that has, and is still working tirelessly to grow the Asset Management Company. You are doing an excellent job; you have mine and the Main Board’s support. Keep it up!

God bless you and have a productive day and week ahead.

Thank you very much.