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16 June, 2023
Press Release

Earlier today, the Supreme Court delivered a Ruling in respect to Petition No. 6(E007) of 2022 which I together with my then colleagues had filed.

The gist of our argument was to have the Court quash the charges lodged against us at the Chief Magistrates Court on the basis of an alleged forensic audit report done by KPMG on the books of BAAM. We wanted to have this report furnished to us to demonstrate that the alleged theft is a mere fabrication.

In dismissing the appeal, while the Court did agree that we have a right to this information, they determined that it would be granted at the time of trial.

We have always maintained that the complaints are totally fabricated and look forward to proving our innocence against an audit report that does not exist.

Edwin H. Dande

Chief Executive Officer

Cytonn Investments Management Plc