Decor that suits your home

28 May, 2024 / Articles

Very few homeowners pay attention to home decor when buying or uplifting their homes. This is very vital as it significantly changes the home’s value from just being an empty space to having that homely feel. These range from using the right rug to incorporating the correct accents and throw pillows depending on the owner’s vision of the home.

For starters, a neat rug would completely change the ambiance in a room. This, however, does not mean that all rooms in a home require rugs. They can be placed in rooms that people tend to go into for relaxation, like the living room. Any rug cannot just be placed anywhere. For a more relaxed essence, ruffed out rugs that match the wall colors or the room lighting could be used in the living room. The bedrooms do not necessarily need rugs because most people tend to wear home slippers while in their bedrooms.

A good wall decor can also spice things up in a home. Plain same old colors are out phased. One can spice things up by using different colors for different rooms. It is scientifically proven that colors have a psychological effect on people in that, warm, bright colors have a relaxing effect and dull colors bring about moodiness. For instance, the living room could use bright colors like pale yellow to enhance lighting and also ‘relax the mind’ when the homeowner is in it.

Finally, lamps are also very essential. A home can have so many eye-catching lamps to brighten the room. When one buys a home, they find the ordinary lamps fitted in, unless they customized the home design. You can, however, change these by adding some lamp shades with sophistication or have an electrician fit in the lamps of your choice. One can also play around with the intensity of lighting in their homes by fitting in a regulator that controls how lit a room is.

There are many ways to change up your house into your dream home just by introducing good home decor into the mix. You can play around with different ideas until you get the right mix for it or just get an interior house designer to do the job. It is however not a one-day task. It might take longer designing your home until you get the right feel as it depends on an individual’s personality.

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